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Chipex Racing 2015

Find about all of the races, events and triathlons our CEO took on in 2015...

Country to Capital 45 Mile Ultra Marathon - January 2015

  •  A double length marathon to kick off the New Year!

The Country to Capital starts of near Wendover and takes you on a cross country route that eventually joins up with the Grand Union Canal and all the way into the welcoming site of Little Venice.

Country to Capital 2015 - Chipex Racing

Pilgrim 66 Mile Ultra Marathon - February 2015

  •  Two back-to-back days of racing though the lovely Surrey countryside

This out and back two day 66 mile Ultra takes you across the hilly North Downs and the tiring second day always seems to get easier and faster the closer you get to the finish!

Pilgrim Ultra Marathon - CHipex Racing 2015

Bath Half Marathon - March 2015

  • A shorter race than usual - but by no means less challenging!

The Bath Half is a busy race with lots of competitors through the hilly Bath streets.

Marathon de Sables - April 2015 – Sahara Desert

  • One of the most difficult races of our CEO’s life, and one that nearly pushed him over the limit

Our CEO’s comments on this race? “Well, it’s about as tough as it gets, unless you enjoy sleeping in a fire pit”. That says it all, really! Definitely one of the most difficult races in the world, only the strongest are willing to put themselves through this crazy test of endurance. It’s 6 consecutive days of running, with participants covering around a marathon a day in temperatures of 50c. That is until Day 4, when they throw in a 60-mile ultra marathon, just in case the runners aren’t quite feeling pushed to the limit!

In fact, this ultra marathon actually caused a major issue from our CEO, who suffered badly from dehydration and had a fit on mile 53. Due to the serious nature of the issue, doctors pulled him out of the race for 8 hours to recover. Until this point he had been consistently breezing through, and was even in the top 5% of runners. He didn’t let this scary incident put him off though, getting back on the road at first light to finish the stage.

Marathon de Sables 2015 - Chipex Racing

 Roth Ironman, Berlin - July 2015

  • The amazing crowd support got our CEO through this intense, long distance triathlon

 Roth is one of the most Iconic full distance Ironman races in the world held in the stunning scenery of Bavaria. Always oversubscribed every year and extremely difficult to get a place. The standard 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile marathon apply and with around 300,000 spectators cheering you on, it makes for an amazing day!

Cotswold Way 102 Mile Ultra Marathon - September 2015

  • 102 Miles Non Stop

 This amazing race is real test of endurance and resolve along the 102 mile Cotswold Way, which starts at Chipping Campden and ends at Bath Cathedral with over 12,000 feet of elevation over the course. The scenery and picture postcard villages are superb, however this was not to be my day, as fractured toe I was running on pulled me out of the race. Next Year then!

Cotswolds Ultra Marathon 2015 - Chipex Racing