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The Easy Way to Find your Perfect Paint Chip Repair kit!

Chipex Registration Lookup System

We all hate those annoying stone chips on our cars, and it's especially bad when you like to keep your paintwork looking its best.

That dreaded 'WHACK' sound as what seems like an entire rock bounces off your bonnet, is maddening and you can almost hear the sound of your wallet emptying its contents, with words like 'respray', 'body shop', 'quotes', 'phoning around', 'time-consuming' all bouncing around your mind. Unsettling isn't it, and in our hectic lives it's not what we want, perhaps even more so when it comes to the money aspect.

However, Chipex have the answer as their paint chip repair kits not only give incredible value for money, but they'll also save you that trip to the respray centre and the big bucks that go with it.

Yes, even with lots of chips out of your car's bonnet and wings - to the extent of 'road rash', you still don't need to pay hundreds of pounds to have the areas resprayed.

Chipex Registration Lookup System

Chipex kits treat both stone chips and scratches, but further to that they also offer an incredible 100% colour match guarantee for your car's paint! They're also the official supplier to the Morgan Motor Company, which shows just how high a quality their paint system is!

The days of using the traditional touch-up kit that the manufacturers or aftermarket stores sell - which don't match the paint very well and leave a messy and obvious repair - are gone when you buy a Chipex kit.

A Chipex system gets the colour exactly right, and it is pre-mixed with clear-coat lacquer to make sure the job is easy and a seamless finish is provided, to the point of it being almost invisible and at a professional level.

Here's another good point; Chipex have just made it even easier for you to find the exact match for your paintwork, using their new registration plate system.

Chipex Registration Lookup System

This makes it incredibly simple and quick to get the perfect colour, and after inputting your reg plate number it's literally a matter of seconds before the details of your car and paint colour appear on the screen, with the physical details of actual paint shade and code being emailed later on once you've ordered the kit.

Interestingly, Chipex is the first - and currently, only - paint repair company in the world to have the registration lookup system, and while it looks straightforward for the user (as it should), to get it to this point was three years in making.

Customers have been asking Chipex for a good while to have this reg lookup system in place, and now it's finally here, it has been incredibly successful thanks to making it so much easier for customers to get their Chipex paint repair kit ordered in a quick and easy way.

Chipex Registration Lookup System

Should your registration plate number not be recognised (unlikely, but just in case), you can also look up your paint colour using two other options; inputting your colour code (if you already know it), or using the manufacturer, model and physical colour name.

Alongside this, you may want to visit the new shop and take a look at their range of paint kit accessories as well as the high quality valeting and detailing products available to buy.

Chipex Registration Lookup System

All said, thanks to the Chipex Paint Repair System there's now no need to worry about big paint repair bills for those ugly paint chips and scratches, and you can find and order your perfect paint colour match using the reg lookup in just a few minutes. Easy!

Written and collated by Chris Davies - an award-winning motoring journalist writing for CarProductsTested.com