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The Chipex Guarantee

  • 100% Color-match guarantee
  • Treats stone chips & scratches
  • Fast, simple & safe to use
  • Enhances vehicle resale value
  • Prevents rusting
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  • Car Scratch Repair
  • How it works

Car Scratch Repair

If you love and take pride in your car, any damage that happens to it is a source of frustration - no matter how minor it is. Car scratch repair is one of these issues; it may be a small amount of damage, but it can turn into daily frustration! Chipex understands how this feels, and that's why we created our car paint touch up kits.

Car paint scratches are one of the most common issues faced by drivers. The paintwork is one of the most delicate areas of a car and so is the most likely to get tarnished and need repair.For many people, scratches can seem like a minor issue, but they can be a real thorn in your side and once you've noticed them, it's hard to forget about them!

There are many reasons why using a Chipex car paint touch up kit is the best way to fix this annoying problem, and we've outlined a few of them to help you understand how we can help...

Car scratch repair is a recurring problem

Car scratches are infuriating because often, there is nothing you can do to completely prevent them happening. They can occur just through general, day-to-day wear and tear, no matter how careful your driving is or how much you keep your car under cover. This means that even if you fix them, there's nothing to say the paint won't chip again a few weeks time. With a Chipex kit, you can treat the problem every time you notice it straight away, without you having to think of a new solution or spend more money.

We understand car scratches are not just aminor' issue

Another annoying thing about car paint scratches is that it can often be harder to find a solution for the problem than if you were dealing with more obvious damage. Paint scratches are seen by many to be a minor issue in the grand scheme of car damage, and finding a way to sort it out can be yet another irritating task. Chipex understand that while car scratches may seem insignificant, they're really annoying and can ruin the whole look of your car - that's why we're offering a simple answer with our touch up kits.

You'll be able to repair car scratches at home, every time

When you own a Chipex car paint touch up kit, you'll be able to take care of the problem yourself, every time you notice it's happened. No need to rely on a third party and no need tospend more money on another solution. Any car paint scratches can be taken care of there and then, so they won't expand and turn into a big problem. Dealing with them when you notice them mean they are one less thing for you to worry about, and your car will be looking shiny and new once more!

Chipex car paint touch up kits will make your life so much easier, and will ensure that you're never driven to distraction by scratches ever again! For more information, head to our 'how Chipex works' page to see a kit in action...