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What do you need to be prepared for when driving in the snow?

Every year, when December comes around, we all start to monitor the weather with far closer attention than usual. That’s because we’re all waiting for it to snow! From December through to February, the chances of snowfall are greater than at any other time of year, and whether you’d love for it to be a white Christmas, or you can’t stand the sight of the freezing cold drizzle, one thing is certain. If the temperatures do dramatically drop, it will have a big impact on the roads, and on all of us driving in the snow.

Driving in the snow, and in other freezing temperatures can have a big effect on driving, and when the roads are icy, when vision is impaired, it can become a far more difficult task than it normally is. Clearly, accidents are far more likely in this type of climate. And while, obviously, your Chipex kit can more than easily take care of any paintwork damage you incur while you’re driving in the snow, it would be good to not get yourself into this situation! And more importantly, it’s important to keep yourself, and everyone else in your car safe.

Important things to remember about driving in the snow

  • If you live somewhere where it’s definitely going to snow, and you’re likely to get a lot of it, it might be worth fitting special winter tyres to your car. This will make sure you’re in a steady position on the icy roads, and there’s no chance of you slipping or sliding into danger. If you don’t want to fit a new pair of tyres, at least make sure your current ones have a decent enough tread depth to keep you safe.

  • If it has snowed over night, make sure you have removed all snow and ice from your windscreen and windows before you set off. Snow seriously disrupts your vision, and unlike rain water than falls away from your vehicle immediately, it won’t budge from the wipers and the speed of your driving alone! Ensuring it’s removed from every window and mirror will make sure you always have your wits about you.

  • Remove snow from the roof of your car so it doesn’t fall down onto your windscreen; or fall behind you onto someone else’s.

  • Keep an emergency kit in your car - including a torch, a blanket, an ice scraper and a shovel. So if something does go awry, you’ll be well prepared to get yourself out of the situation; or to wait for someone to come to your rescue!

If you do find yourself driving in the snow, keep your wits about you and take it slow. And always remember; if any paintwork damage does occur this Winter, Chipex are always here to help you take care of it!