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Rover Touch Up Paint

Rover Zt

The Rover ZT or MG ZT is a sportier version of the Rover 75 executive car, manufactured by MG Rover between 2001 and 2005, and renowned for its flexible in-car entertainment system. An estate version called the MG ZT-T was also available.

The problem of stone chips and road rash

Road rash, an unfortunate blight on the driving experience, is caused by loose stone chips from the road that hit vehicles and leave nasty paint scratches.

What is Chipex Rover ZT Touch up Paint?

Chipex Rover ZT Touch up Paint is an advanced, affordable and user-friendly road rash repair option.

Why is Chipex better than traditional methods?

  • Unlike traditional repair kits, Chipex guarantees exactly matching paint every time.

  • A clear, simple series of instructions, ready-to-apply paint and all-inclusive accessories are standard inclusions.

  • Chipex always produces faultless, professional results.

  • Chipex is much kinder to your wallet than a full respray or repair by a professional paint scratch repair company.

The problem of stone chips and road rash

How to apply the Chipex Rover touch up paint

The roads habitually spit grit and loose stone chips at the bodywork of cars, causing a spray of paint scratches to form. This is called road rash.

What is Chipex Zt Touch up Paint?

Chipex Zt Touch up Paint is the road rash repair solution you've been waiting for.

Why is Chipex better than traditional methods?

  • Chipex offers a unique colour match guarantee - it promises paint that's exactly matched with the colour code of your Zt.
  • Standard inclusions are easy-to-follow instructions, all the accessories you need and ready-to-apply paint.
  • The flawless finish makes a full respray an expensive and unnecessary task.
  • Unlike repairs by professional paint scratch repair companies, you don?t need deep pockets to get a Chipex repair.