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Citroen Touch Up Paint


Citroen touch up paint kit from Chipex

Citroen Touch Up Paint

Sadly, one of the inevitable results of driving your Citroën on todays roads is thatafter a while your paintwork will suffer. In a majority of cases this damage is caused by loose stones on the roads surface kicking up and chipping your cars paintwork. If untreated, these chips and imperfections can cause rust to form, when this happens you can usually look forward to a steep & nasty repair bill.Prevention, in this case is the cheaper option, and it is recommended owners have these chips re-painted before any serious damage sets in. So what options do you have when It comes to touch up paint for you Citroën?

Well you can choose to visit a body shop for a re-spray of the effected panels of your car, but this is expensive and can cost upwards of two hundred pounds.Alternatively you can pop down to your local car parts & accessories retailer and purchase a generic black' or silver' touch up paint, that more likely than not will produce more of an eyesore than the chips you started with. We feel the most viable option, for road rash and paint chips is our patented Citroën Touch Up Paint, this DIY solution is not only easy to use but also offers a perfect paint match for your Citroën which could not be achieved with any non-specific touch up pen or paint.

So why wait, order your Citroën touch up paint from Chipex now for best results on your road rash - just Paint, Blend and Polish with the accessories provided to bring your Citroën's paintwork back to its best.Interested in how best to apply the Chipex touch up solution? Check out our demonstration video here.

Before applying the Chipex, Citroen touch up paint

After applying the Chipex, Citroen touch up paint

How to apply the Chipex Citroen touch up paint

High standard, affordable repairs for your Citroën

For easy, bodyshop standard repairs without the cost, Chipex provides and exact match paint color to ensure you get a professional finish.
Chipex is easy to apply by simply follofender the enclosed instructions and everything you need is included so the kit.
Just read the testimonials from our satisfied & impressed customers. We also offer a color match guarantee - we get it right, or we replace it.

Citroen  touch up paint kit from Chipex

The Chipex Guarantee

  • 100% Colour-match guarantee
  • Treats stone chips & scratches
  • Fast, simple & safe to use
  • Enhances vehicle resale value
  • Prevents rusting
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