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Peugeot Touch Up Paint


Peugeot touch up paint kit from Chipex

Chipex Peugeot Touch Up Paint

Chipped paint on your beloved Peugeot's bodywork are, sadly, an inevitable consequence of motoring today. These stone chips and scratches can be an eyesore ruining the look of your Peugeot and greatly devaluing the vehicle.

Most motorists think of two main options when looking to revamp the paintwork on their Peugeot these are firstly, a re-spray from a garage - whilst the results of this will be near perfect, it is not a economical investment when selling your vehicle, as the financial cost is higher than value it adds to the car, and secondly a generic touch up paint or pen -whilst these touch up paints and pens are cheap sadly, like many things in life you get what you pay for - the paint used in these solutions are rarely a exact match and usually just create more of a eye sore on your Peugeot that you started with, wasting not only time and money but also devaluing the vehicle.

ᅠHowever there is another, sensible and cost-effective option for the Peugeot driver - the Chipex touch up paint solution.

Before applying the Chipex, Peugeot touch up paint

After applying the Chipex, Peugeot touch up paint

How to apply the Chipex Peugeot touch up paint

Why Peugeot Touch Up Paint by Chipex is better than cheaper touch up paint and pens

Chipex's revolutionary Peugeot touch up paint is the most cost effective and sensible choice when repairing damaged paintwork. This is because it offers not only the usability of a DIY touch up pen, but also a high quality, professional looking finish that can compete with a full re-spray but at a fraction of the price.ᅠ

Peugeot touch up paint kit from Chipex

The Chipex Guarantee

  • 100% Colour-match guarantee
  • Treats stone chips & scratches
  • Fast, simple & safe to use
  • Enhances vehicle resale value
  • Prevents rusting
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