Nov 15 2019

Ford vs Ferrari: Which is the most desirable brand worldwide?

  If you could choose between a Ford or a Ferrari, what would you pick? If the search engine stats are anything to go by, many countries are more inclined to search for Fords than Ferraris. However, recent research into who searches for each brand the most is quite revealing.    If you want to […]

Jun 25 2019

Driving in Europe checklist – how to drive in Europe this summer

Driving through Europe can be an amazing experience, and when you live in Europe, it’s not that difficult to achieve. However, there are some tips and pointers to keep in mind before you embark on the journey of a lifetime. Whether it’s a short trip to the South of France, or a full-on 4 week […]

Jun 18 2019

10 Facts About Tesla You Need To Know

Tesla is the electric car that everyone is talking about. Whether you’ve got a Tesla, you want a Tesla, or you just love Elon Musk (and who doesn’t!), there are probably a few facts that will surprise you about the company. The automotive giant dominates the electric car space, and with good reason. But why […]

Apr 16 2019

Concept Cars That Should’ve Made It to Production Modernised

1969 BMW 2800 Spicup The 1969 SPICUP merges a spider and a coupe. Bringing this sassy, sporty car to modern times only took a few adjustments. We updated the grille to a modern BMW ‘double kidney’ signature and converted its identifiable hidden lamps to brooding LED’s. The innovative retractable three-piece roof was retained and wrapped […]

Dec 05 2018

If celebrities designed cars

If celebrities designed cars…. this is what they would look like! In addition to their luxurious homes and lavish fashion styles, celebrities are known for designing some of the most extravagantly customized cars around. Perhaps this is because no matter what level of celebrity standing they may have, they’re still able to walk in most […]

Aug 17 2017

Protecting Your Car Paint From Winter Damage

Winter is just around the corner, and protecting your car against corrosion and rust through these months is essential if you want to keep it in good condition. After buying or renting a property, a car is usually the second-most expensive purchase you’ll make. We spend thousands buying them, and hundreds per year maintaining them. […]

Aug 17 2017

Chipex racing 2014

Find out about all of the races, triathlons and sporting events our CEO took on during 2014…. Manchester Marathon – April 2014 26 miles through the streets of Manchester The Manchester marathon has to be one of the best in the UK for those wanting a quick time and going for a personal best (PB) […]

Aug 17 2017

How to Drive Safely during the Winter

Opening your house door one morning in winter, you step out into an unexpected blizzard. The temperature has dropped rapidly through the night and it’s snow snowing heavily, and underneath it ice has taken grip too. Struggling to your car, you realise that you’ve left your one and only ice scraper somewhere in the house. […]

Aug 17 2017

Find out How to Clean your Car Properly | Chipex Blog

A car is usually the second-most expensive thing you’ll buy after a house. You’re proud of it and so naturally you like to keep it looking clean and shiny, but actually some wash methods and products can be detrimental to your car’s exterior surfaces if used regularly. In this post, we’ll guide you through some […]

Aug 17 2017

How to Use a Chipex Kit for Bumper Damage

Ferrari 328 bumper before using Chipex Ferrari 328 bumper after using Chipex Like many, you take pride in your car’s appearance. When it gets dirty you wash it or have it washed, then it has a coat of wax lovingly applied and it’s looking great once more… that is until you get to a section […]

Aug 17 2017

How To Clean Your Car’s Interior

Often, car owners take much care and pride in the exterior of their vehicle using a good shampoo, polish and wax to keep it pristine, while paint chips or scratches can be taken care of using the excellent Chipex paint touchup system. However, many either neglect the interior completely or only give the dash and […]

Aug 17 2017

How to use a Chipex car scratch repair kit

Walking out to my newly-purchased Lexus LS 400 one morning, it wasn’t until I was a few feet away that I realised someone had run a knife-edge across two of the doors. One of them very deeply. It wasn’t a new car. It wasn’t even expensive, merely a 1998 model costing less than £2,000. However, […]

Aug 17 2017

How to Find and Use Car Paint Codes

Car paint codes – not the most exciting topic, I’ll grant you, but an important necessity when you’re in need of painting an area of your vehicle, or getting the right match for a Chipex paint chip repair system. When it comes to paint shades, Chipex and professional sprayers will require the vehicle paint code […]

Aug 17 2017

The Many Types of Car Paint Finishes

Henry Ford once wrote in his autobiography of the Ford Model T, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black’. It’s a common misconception that the Model T was only available in black. In actual fact, during the first years of its production, it was […]

Aug 17 2017

Car Respray Cost v Chipex Paint Repair System

If you’re proud of your car, and those ugly paint chips up front are really starting to bug you, you’ll perhaps be thinking of having the bumper or bonnet resprayed. Having your car resprayed though, no matter the section or part, is a pain for more reasons than one. First up, you have to take […]

Aug 17 2017

How to Repair Car Paint Stone Chips

Stone chips are the blight of any car owner who regularly uses the motorway. Flung at already high speeds, your car then hurtles towards these miniature rocks with impending doom. The loud ‘whack!’ as the stone hits the bodywork make you cringe. It’s guaranteed there’s now a tiny crater where it mashed itself into your […]

Aug 17 2017

How to Spray Paint Your Car on a Budget

Sometimes, a scratch or scuff on your car’s bodywork is just too deep and wide to be able to use a paint repair kit, and the panel may need respraying instead. However, if money is tight and you simply can’t afford to have it done professionally, or your car isn’t worth spending that kind of […]

Aug 17 2017

Chipex Touch Up Paint versus Car Paint Pen | Chipex Blog

The car touch-up paint pen has its uses, certainly, but at the same time it’s always better to go with a more permanent and better fix for car paint chips and light scratches – the Chipex seamless car touch-up system. However, just because I’m writing this Chipex blog doesn’t mean I’m going to be entirely negative about the touch-up pen. Indeed, I’ve used […]

Aug 17 2017

Car paint suppliers

Spray painting cars can be a lot of fun. It doesn’t matter what level you’re painting at, or what you’re actually painting, it’s a very enjoyable experience. If you’re a professional spray painter, helping rusted classic cars to look like they’ve rolled out of the factory doors again, there must be immense satisfaction in that. […]

Aug 17 2017

Rust treatment for cars

Rust is the blight which effects cars around the world. If you’re fortunate enough to live in a warm, dry climate like California, it’s a much easier battle keeping it at bay. However, for those of us in the U.K. where the climate is perfect for honing those dark brown patches on your vehicle’s bodywork, […]

Aug 17 2017

What is road rash and why is fixing it so important?

Here on the Chipex blog, we often refer to ‘road rash’ when we’re talking about car paint chips and what causes them. If you haven’t been afflicted by car paint chips very much (lucky you!) maybe you’re not totally sure what we mean by the term road rash. We thought it would be a good […]

Aug 17 2017

Which Car Shampoos are Best for Car Paintwork?

On more than a few occasions, I’ve winced as I see people squirt a load of washing up liquid into a bucket, fill it with warm water, watch as suds galore overflow, soak a sponge and begin to scrub away gleeful as their car goes from dirty to clean. Why wince though, you say! After […]

Aug 17 2017

The Best Products for Cleaning Car Wheels | Chipex Blog

Keeping your paintwork looking fresh, clean and with a super depth of shine is great, but I’ve often come across cars at meets and shows where the paint looks amazing, but the wheels simply haven’t been looked after. People tend to forget that wheels often get way dirtier than paintwork, and they’re often not cleaned […]

Aug 17 2017

How and Why to Keep Your Car Windscreen Clean

With Autumn here, and Winter to follow, the sun starts to sink lower in the sky, and as that happens, driving in heavy traffic becomes difficult and dangerous. A good pair of sunglasses help hugely, but something that’ll aid your visibility further is have a clean windscreen. Trying to see ahead is ridiculously hard when […]